Sunday, September 25

Millarville Market: A Foodies' Delight!

Since we were visiting with family this weekend, all the cooking was done for me which was a nice treat!!  Todd's mother put on a gigantic spread as usual, and I got to meet a whole bunch of Todd's cousins and nephews, which as also a treat!  The Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Dip seemed to be a hit, though I thought I may have been a bit heavy-handed with the garlic again, but no one complained and we were also vampire-free all night, so all was well....

One cool thing that I got to do on my visit to Calgary was go to the Millarville Farmer's Market, which is an absolute dream!!  Don't get me wrong, I love my good old Red Deer Farmies, but this Millarville is quite different - a lot more food artisans!  I could tell that the vendors were really passionate about their wares and they were definitly pushing the envelope when it came to unique and unusual foods - it was really cool!

Not my kid!  Or my dinosaur!
Rather than blogging about what I cooked, I'm going to blog about what I bought and what cool things I tasted!!

First thing I bought was this totally crazy delicious Mr. Pink's Habanero Carmel Popcorn - omg such a weird blend of sticky sweet and super spicy - it's hard to eat a lot at one sitting b/c of the heat, but it's almost like a challenge!!

Mr. Pink's you sure do make good spicy food - sorry no link for you guys
he's kicking it old skool w/o a url

I got myself some delicious Korma Sauce - can't wait to have another curry party next time Todd is out of town!!

The Curry Queen needs to hurry up and
update her website!
I also got some Horseradish Jelly from MacFarlane's - can't wait to use it on something MORE than just crackers... thinking a glaze for a beef tenderloin???

Also another company that could use a website - they can be contacted at
403-335-8664 if you're in the Calgary area, or they are at the Calgary Market too!
Another strange but awesome find that I purchased was Llama Summer Sausage - I know, what the hell!  First of all, I had to be reminded about what a llama was, b/c I was thinking it was a giant bird, but then I remembered it's like an alpaca... the kids gobbled it up, it tasted awesome and made me realize that you can do a lot more with a llama that just make sweaters!

If we didn't live 2.5 hours away, I would definitely frequent the Millarville Farmies - maybe someone will want to take a mini roadtrip with me for their big Xmas sale in November?? Their website says "be sure to make plans to join us at the Racetrack for one of the finest Artisan & Craft Shows in Alberta, "Christmas At Millarville" Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 11-13, including seeing the Christmas lights on Friday night. " 

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