Monday, February 13

Lazy Valentine's Entertaining: Lemon Raspberry Coulis

Want to impress your honey or your bff, but you have to work all day and you don't have time to make petit fours, hand-made truffles or cupcakes decorated with tiny roses that look like were cried from tears of a baby puppy angel?  Fret not - I came up with something that technically you will "make" and you'll look like a total domestic diva - even if you don't get home till 6pm!!  Plus, this is something you can put together even with a couple of glasses of wine under your belt and you will still come out smelling like a Valentine's rose!

Here's how it shakes down: on the way home, pick up some mini cheesecake bites at the grocery store or your local Walmart Supercentre (emit gasp of horror here).  Grab a pint of fresh raspberries and a lemon and you are on your way!

Worst dessert picture ever, but I was already down one bottle of Viognier
which also led to forgetting to garnish with the fresh mint leaves that were in the fridge!

Lemon Raspberry Coulis
1 pint fresh raspberries
1/4 cup sugar
zest of one lemon
juice of half a lemon
a couple of fresh mint leaves to garnish with
1 pkg cheesecake bites

Pretty damn good for being purchased by Walmart!  Superstore also
makes a mean box o' mini cheesecake bites too!

In a mini food processor, combine the raspberries, sugar, lemon zest & juice.  Pulse until liquified.

Strain the seeds out through a sieve (I will be honest - I ate all of the seeds that stayed in sieve - extra fibre never killed anyone!)

crunch, crunch, crunch!

So next up, you artfully drizzle, pour, smear, paint or drip your tart and sweet coulis over your dessert plates and place your tiny cheesecake bites on top.  Don't pull a Shannon and forget to garnish with the mint leaves!  Then. You. Are. Done.  Looks semi-fancy and it impressed the hell out of my guests last week - whether or not that was the wine talking, who cares - all I know is that there were no leftovers and the plates were practically licked clean!!

Everyone have a Happy Valentimes!!!

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