Sunday, October 16

Owl-Themed Baby Shower

Today we had a baby shower for a friend who had a cute tiny little baby boy in September.  Their nursery is owl-themed, so I made some little owl cupcakes (NOT by scratch - sorry!) and a diaper cake, complete with owl punch-outs etc. 

...guess which one is possessed?

To decorate the owl mini-cupcakes, I used Oreo minis and Reese's Pieces.  Super easy: bake cupcakes, let cool completely!  While you're waiting for them to cool, separate the little Oreo cookies, trying to keep the cream filling in tact on one of the sides... I noticed that a "twisting" motion was most successful to achieve that!  Then, pretend you're a groupie for a rockstar and separate the colours of the Reese's pieces - the brown ones will be used for the iris's of the eyes and the yellow and orange ones are for owlie's beak!  Once the cupcakes are cool, ice them nice and thick - place the googly eyes kind of centre-ish and then shove a beak in!  Easy and cute!  Oh - I also, halved a bunch of the the "naked" sides of the cookies and used for little wingies.

The diaper cake was also super easy to make - not going to get into it on this blog, but email or comment if you want to know how to make - I can send you some instructions.  There are 100 little diapies in this 4-tier cake - so cute and you can totally whip one of these up in no time flat - a real "crowd pleaser" for those who still use disposables ;)

find a friend with a "cricut" and these things take life in seconds!


  1. Those are too cute! I don't have patience to do cute cupcakes like that haha.

  2. Ohhh those cupcakes are adorable! I made owl cupcakes for my daughter's Wizards of Waverly Place party before, and it was a hit!
    The diaper cake was so nicely done too...Great job! I'm sure you made your friend so happy!