Wednesday, October 19

Holy Smoke BBQ, Calgary AB

In case you're wondering, the reason I haven't been updating is because I'm on the road all week - in Calgary on a course - which means not too much cooking!!

Check out the menu and availability of sauces!
Tonight my sister took me out to a hidden gem: Holy Smoke BBQ.   It's in the middle of nowhere in industrial Calgary and let me tell you, it's definitely worth the drive.  The prices are practically give away cheap and the food, all made in-house, is AMAZING.  Apparently this BBQ joint used to cater to the industrial lunch crowd, but was so popular, it recently started staying open until 8pm Mon - Fri.  So great!

Hot link on a bun with a side of macaroni salad
Pork ribs (only $1 each!) with a side of mac and home-made cornbread
Cool rustic southern feel!!
Grand finale: pecan tart

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