Monday, August 15

Jam Session

What to do with a ton of strawberries when you're racing against time to use them before they turn to rot?  Make super easy freezer jam (or fridge jam).  First thing you need to do is buy a pkg of Bernardin Sugar Free Freezer Jam Pectin, some plastic freezer containers and some strawberries.  That's it. Follow the simple instructions on the container and in about 5 minutes you will have 4x250ml containers of delicious jam!

Step 1: Wash strawberries
Get your stuff together!

Add pectin to mashed strawberries and follow instructions - no cooking!

Enjoy on warm buttered toast!
I made a little treat for me and Hot Toddy - served on mini ciabatta breads with a slice of Carmelis Misty soft-ripened cheese that we purchased in the Okanagan.

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