Wednesday, January 4

The Red Deer Foodie Top 10 of 2011!!!!!


I've only been blogging since June, but I have had a great time sharing my creations with you and thought I would do a quick roll-up of my TOP TEN FAVES! It's been fun to look back at the lat 6 months and see how my photography has improved (slightly) as well! If you've been following me since the beginning, thanks and keep following and commenting! If you're new to Red Deer Foodie, welcome aboard and hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane!!

Number 10: El Diablo Contra Vampiro Salsa - my prize-winning salsa that will also cure influenza

Number 9: Soba Salad - one of my first posts ever and takes me on a trip to Japan whenever I make this dish!

Number 8: Halloween Crackerjack - a treat whipped up with friends using stuff I already had in the house!

Number 7: Halibut en Papiollote  - one of my favourite ways to cook chicken or fish

Number 6: Chocolate Sugar Skull Cookies - I love just looking at the pictures because they turned out so cute!

Number 5: Maple, Mustard & Gewurztraminer Pork Loin - 2011 was my year refusing to ever cook a turkey on my own - for any occasion, even Thanksgiving!!

Number 4: Spice Beef Empanadas - I drool just thinking about them!

Number 3: My very own Borscht recipe - perfected by me - heavy on the beets and no hocks in site!

Number 2: Most Amazing Ribs EVER - a recipe shared from a friend and recorded here forever

and drumroll....

My favourite post of 2011....
Number 1: Mango Chicken Quinoa - this was the first recipe for a main-dish dinner that I cooked using quinoa - it revolutionized the way I look at quinoa is totally the reason we eat quinoa all the time in this house!! 

And there ya have it, a highlight of my very favourite faves - hopefully this list gives you some ideas and gets you exploring my recipes if you haven't been checking them out already!! I'm looking forward to even more fun in the kitchen in 2012 - thanks for coming along!

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